Curriculum Vitae


            M.S., Chemistry: Florida State University, 2009

                        Emphasis: Biochemistry                       

            B.S., Chemistry: University of Southern Mississippi, 2006

                        Emphasis: Biochemistry

                        Minor: Biology 

            High School Diploma: Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science, 2002 



             Mississippi Class AA Teaching Certificate, Endorsements in Chemistry, Biology, AP Biology

Professional Experience

2011-Present - Teacher, Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science, Columbus, MS

           Classes:  Cell Biology, Microbiology, Chemical Reactions, Energy and Equilibrium of Chemical Systems, Human Infectious Diseases

             Extracurricular Coordinator/Coach: Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, US Department of Energy National Science Bowl, Fencing Club, Junior Class Officers                 ('11-'14), Analog Gaming Club

             Director, MSMS GEOSET Node

2009-2011 – Teacher, BASIS Scottsdale, Scottsdale, AZ

             Classes: 6th Grade, 8th Grade, Honors, and AP Chemistry; Digital Photography

             Extracurricular Coordinator/Coach: National Science Bowl, Fencing Club, International Club

2006-2009 – Graduate Assistant, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

             Major Professor: Penny J. Gilmer, Ph.D., D.Sc.Ed

             Teaching Assistant: Advanced Analytical Chemistry Laboratory, General Chemistry I and II Laboratory, Medical Biochemistry Recitation, General Chemistry I and  II                         Recitation, Nature of Scientific Inquiry

             Research Assistant: Sc:iii – Immersion, Inquiry, Innovation; GEOSET (Global Educational Outreach for Science, Engineering, and Technology) (

 2005-2006 – Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS

             Teaching Assistant: General Chemistry I and II Laboratory

 2002-2004 – Undergraduate Research Assistant, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS

             Research Advisor: David Wertz, Ph.D.


 Education Research Interests

             Technology in the Science Classroom

The advent of the Internet, highly mobile computing devices, cloud-based applications and storage, and affordable personal computing power has the potential to change not only our methods but also our paradigms about learning and teaching. I am interested in investigating the methods, adoption, and efficacy of technology implementation in the classroom from administrative, student and teacher viewpoints. I am also interested in curriculum development and teacher education as they relate to effective, integrated adoption of modern technology into the classroom.

             Bridging the Gap Between the Classroom and the Bench

High school and undergraduate courses are often taught as a lecture with an accompanying lab that focuses on scripted investigations with known outcomes. I seek to develop and evaluate methods that focus on scientific inquiry and discourse rather than scripted experiences. I am particularly interested in research-driven or inspired courses where students read scientific literature and write publication-style reports.

             Accelerated and Gifted Science Education

The difference between an honors or accelerated science course and its general-level counterpart is often pace, depth, and breadth of content. I seek to develop and evaluate novel methods of teaching accelerated or gifted science courses that focus on depth of understanding, interdisciplinary relationships, and student-driven research.


Conferences, Camps, Workshops, and Presentations

            Presentations given are listed in italics


                        Mississippi Governor's School

                            Major Course: Visions of the Future: Science and Ethics in Science Fiction

                            Interest Area Course: Inconceivable! A Narrative of the Sword

                        MSMS Summer Enrichment Camp


                        MSU Science Fair Teachers' Workshop

                            Presentation Skills for Young Scientists


                      AP Summer Institute at Oak Ridge High School - Biology

                      Mississippi Governor's School

                           Major Course: Engineering - Mission to Mars

                           Interest Area Course: Inconceivable! A Narrative of the Sword

                      MSMS Middle School Summer Enrichment Camp

                           Forensic Investigation

                           Statistics and Game Design

                        Mississippi Science Teachers' Association

                            Technology Update

                            Next Generation Chemistry I and II


                       Mississippi Science Teachers' Association

                            The iPad in the Classroom: Student and Teacher Applications

                       NYU Polytechnic/NCSSSMST Summer Institute

                       Project MAST

                            iPad Use in the Classroom

                        MUW Science Enrichment Program: Science, Math, Art and Technology

                            Interdisciplinary Approaches in Science

                            Interdisciplinary Integration of Technology in the Classroom


                        Mississippi Science Teachers’ Association

                            Using the iPad in the Classroom

                            Qualitative Analysis in Chemistry


                        BASIS Schools Teacher Training

                            Fundamentals of Assessment Design


                        Southeastern Association for Science Teacher Education

Research Update: Inquiry-based Methods for Science Teacher Education(with Penny J. Gilmer and Kate Calvin)

                        Florida State University Graduate Biochemistry Seminar

Hexavalent Chromium Compounds as Therapeutic Agents for Diabetes

                        BASIS Schools Teacher Training

                        AP Winter Workshop: AP Chemistry


                        Southeastern Association for Science Teacher Education

                    Sc:iii - Inquiry-based Methods for Science Teacher Education (with Penny J. Gilmer and Kate Calvin)

                        National Association for Research in Science Teaching

Sc:iii - Inquiry-based Methods for Science Teacher Education (with Penny J. Gilmer and Kate Calvin)

                        Biennial Conference on Chemical Education



Professional Service


        District Committee, Alpha Chi Sigma Southeastern District


        Founding Member, GEOSET Advisory Board


                        Sc:iii Teacher Mentor



Professional Organizations

            Member, Mississippi Science Teachers’ Association

            Professional Brother, Alpha Chi Sigma (Professional in Chemistry)